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Ontech GSM Switch

Ontech Switch

Ontech GSM 9030 has a built-in 230V/16A relay that can be remotely operated by an ordinary telephone. You can call the Ontech Switch from any mobile phone and operate it and/or extra relays by using the keyboard of the mobile device. To the unit or the extra relay electrical equipment such as fans, radiators, lamps etc can be connected and turned on or off with a telephone call.
The Ontech Switch can also give you information whether the temperature is above or below 5 degrees C.
Ontech GSM

  • Ontech GSM 9030 is a combined remote relay and an alarm caller
  • Control remotely and alert over GSM network
  • Properties of Ontech GSM Switch
  • Technical specifications
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    GSM Power Switch

    3 in 1: GSM control, GSM Alarm, Temperature Monitoring
    GSM remote control for heating systems & air conditioning. Simple GSM alarm system: gsm monitor, gsm alarm.


    Cash card
    If you are using SIM cash card, be aware that many network operators demands you are sending at least one SMS or make one call every year. Some also demands you refill at least once a year. Check with your operator.

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